Call Billing Increment

What is Call Billing Increment?

The billing increment is how we  calculate our rates to bill calls. for example, you will be charged for 10-second calls to the USA. The minimum call time is 6 seconds. 2(x)6 seconds is required for increment calls. Mexico will charge you for 10-second calls (minimum 60 seconds) and increments of 60 seconds. If you are looking to set up a call center or any other telephony service, just signup at Ajoxi can be a great way to improve your business image and increase your customer base


What is incremental billing?

These incremental billing models are a substantial part of fixed-line and mobile operators’ revenues. They price calls in smaller slices than a second. Full minute billing simply means that even though the call was only 61 seconds long, you will be charged for two full minutes.

What are Billing Minimums/Increments?

Billing minimum / Increments refers to the minimum and increment time used to calculate the duration of each phone call. These are usually used for billing purposes. Billing increments have been used in the past to range from 60 seconds to 6 seconds or less. A 30/6 billing refers to a 30-second minimum, with 6-second increments thereafter. For example, a 10-second call on 30/6 billing would be billed at 30 seconds. A 31-second call on 30/6 charging will be billed at 36 seconds.

As both the minimum and increased rates have an effect on your per-minute charges, they are essential. Your carrier may offer you a great rate and bill you for calls in 60-second increments. However, this would lead to an increase in the effective rate.


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