What Is AUX In Call Center

What Is AUX In Call Center?

An AUX is a code that indicates the status of a call center agent. The code can be used as a way to tell if an agent is on duty, unavailable, or busy. This code can also indicate the reason an agent is absent. When there is a high call volume, AUX codes will be used. An AUX code can be used to indicate the status and activity of a call center agent. These codes are often used by supervisors for monitoring agent activity and performance.


Why it’s Used?

If an agent is in a mentally unstable state, codes may be used. Auxiliary status does not necessarily indicate that an employee has stopped being productive. You might find them responding to eLearning modules or completing other tasks. They may simply need some extra time to finish their tasks and not be interrupted by phone calls. The problem is with the AUX States. While it provides some insight into how agents are spending their time, it cannot tell you much about their output/productivity.

Most commonly used AUX Codes in Call Centers:

-On Vacation: This code indicates that an agent is currently away from work and will not be available to make calls.

-Training is a code that indicates that an agent is currently in training, and will not be available to receive calls.

Wrap up: This is the code that indicates that the agent is wrapping up after completing a call. This code is most commonly used by agents when they need to document the call or do post all work.

-Unavailable = This code indicates that an agent is not available to answer calls.


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