AUX code

What is AUX code?

AUX codes (or Reason Codes, Auxiliary Codes) are used by call center agents to track the time they have deliberately refused to accept calls that were delivered by the. Call center agents to need to log into the Automatic Call Distributor or Contact Centre Software in order to be able to access AUX codes. The software will send calls according to the defined Call routing strategy to the agent’s extensions.

Auxiliary codes enable a contact center worker to enter a code. They can usually be done via the unavailable’, or Not Ready buttons. They are used for determining the reason why a contact Centre agent isn’t able to accept calls.


purpose of AUX code?

Auxiliary time, or AUX, is an agent status that an agent can use to be unavailable for inbound distributed calls. Its primary function is to manage the workload of non-call activities. It is crucial in optimizing staffing and managing service level. AUX states generally fall within one of three categories or buckets.

  1. Paid, non-productive time: meetings, breaks, training and coaching, agent prep, etc.
  2. Paid productive time: project time, postal mail, email, manual processes, etc.
  3. You may be required to perform certain unpaid functions such as e.g. Lunch and breaks at some centers – This allows WFM measurement.

Agent confusion can occur if there are too many AUX codes. Agents are more likely to use the same code than they should, which can result in confusion and reduce the effectiveness and purpose of accurate tracking.

Benefits of using AUX Codes:

AUX codes are one of the great benefits of a phone center. AUX code can be used to help track the performance of your phone center and ensure that agents are providing the best customer service. You can use AUX code to troubleshoot issues in your call center and ensure that it is running smoothly. AUX code can help you improve customer service.

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