True Local SA

What is true local SA?

True Local SA (South Australia) is a website that helps people connect with local businesses. Users can share their experiences through ratings and reviews. True Local provides every Australian business with a free listing. The site allows them to upload contact details, opening times, and an image. Businesses who purchase advertising packages get access to more features as well as a higher rank in relevant search results.

How Does True Local Work?

True Local offers consumers the chance to share their experiences through a star rating system as well as a review of their experience working with the company. This allows customers to see other people’s experiences before they make buying decisions. True Local provides consumers with the opportunity to share their experience by rating and reviewing their business. This allows people to compare their experiences with other customers before making purchase decisions. True Local is extremely user-friendly. True Local is easy to use.



Benefits in Business:

Advertising on True Local will give your small business greater exposure. You can create ads using our easy-to-use ad-building tool and they will be featured on top Australian websites, apps for mobile, Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms.

Target Your Audience Purely Based on Placement & Interests:

One of our Online Promoter Power pack best features is the ability to target your audience precisely. We can identify where they live and work and when they will be online looking for products and services related to your niche. This is done by aligning our consumer data including demographic, behavior, and personal interests with your business goals.

Cost Efficient Advertising:

Online advertising is cheaper than traditional forms such as print, radio, or TV because it’s easier to measure than non-digital mediums. True Local lets you advertise online and only pays for what you receive. This is a good investment to take your business to new heights. You can spend the money on advertising online or hiring staff.

View Reporting:

Lastly, upon request, you can also get detailed reports about your digital investment. These reports cover impressions, conversions, and demographic data. You will have all the information that you need to optimize your ads for future performance.

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